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I had no idea I could love the way I do…

They should’ve warned me that I would love my husband so much more once he became the father of my miracle baby boys. That I wouldn’t remember what the old love had felt like. That we’d have challenges, and arguments for sure. Especially not agreeing on how to do things for our sons. That I’d… Continue reading I had no idea I could love the way I do…

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My nail art after retirement

      Most of the people who knew me in the Air Force, knew that I was very conservative with my nails.  To stay within “Air Force standards”, my nails were a very boring pink and white acrylics.  Now don’t get me wrong, pink and white is very pretty, but not when you’ve had… Continue reading My nail art after retirement

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Military, Suicide, and My Confession

For 22 years of my Air Force career, I heard about suicide and attended every “mandatory” suicide prevention briefing.  But for the last 6 years of my career I worked hand in hand with an officer who was my commander, my immediate supervisor, and someone I called my friend.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here to tell you…I… Continue reading Military, Suicide, and My Confession

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Filing for Veteran’s Administration (VA) Disability Compensation

Filing for Veteran’s Administration (VA) disability compensation  *Disclosure: these opinions and personal experiences are my own and I do not work for the Veterans Administration. Where should I start? After retiring from the Air Force I still ran into a challenge; filing for VA disability compensation.  So I thought I would share my experience in… Continue reading Filing for Veteran’s Administration (VA) Disability Compensation