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Is Walmart Grocery pickup worth using?

I decided to try out Walmart’s Online Grocery service after a friend told me about how happy she was with this service. However, this blog post is just simply my own opinion and I am not affiliated with Walmart.


Hey Mom’s and Dad’s with kids!! 

Pay attention…this is a good one for you!!

Have you ever packed up the kids and headed to the grocery store, to arrive and turn around to look at the kids and you now realize that that one or more of your children have now fallen asleep?  Or you have to use two shopping carts, one for your kids and one for your groceries?

Well let me tell you…Today was seriously life changing!!

I’m not a big Walmart shopper, but after today, Walmart is going to be my go-to place for groceries. I generally enjoy shopping but I today I discovered how amazing it is to use the Walmart Grocery Service.

You simply order your groceries online, reserve a time slot to pick up and a Walmart employee shops, bags, and brings your groceries out to your car for you! They’ll even load them into your car and the best part is this service is absolutely FREE. The Walmart employee wouldn’t even let me tip her.  She just asked if I’d leave her good feedback on my survey link that you receive once your groceries have been picked up.

So here’s what you need to do:

First and foremost, make sure your local Walmart store offers grocery pick up.  You will need an account to place an order so head on over to to get it created.

It is so quick and easy and all you need is an email address. Once you’ve signed in, you click on the Grocery Pickup tab and it will let you know if the pickup serves your area. If so, you continue on by putting in your zip code which will then bring up your nearest Walmart stores. Pick the store you want to shop at and you’re all ready to go!

Start Shopping

Choosing your groceries. I prefer to write a list so I don’t forget something that I need. You can type in a specific product or the category of the item at the top of the screen and all your options will come up.

For example, if you put in “bread” a variety of brands and sizes will appear and you then click “add to cart” once you’ve chosen what you would like. When it comes to produce or meat you can choose how many pounds of each item you need so it is easy to customize to fit your needs.

Once you have completed your list it will ask you to choose a time to pick up. They have you choose in one hour increments allowing you to go anytime during that hour window.


One thing it asks is if you will allow substitutions. Sometimes items are out of stock. If you click the “allow substitutions” arrow, the grocery shopper will simply find a replacement for it. For example, I ordered “McCormick’s” Pure Vanilla Extract which they were out of today so it was substituted with Walmart’s “Great Value” brand Pure Vanilla Extract.  They will upgrade you to a larger size or give you a different brand at no extra cost! 


Picking Up

Walmart will send you an email right before your time slot opens up to let you know your groceries are ready. I logged into the Walmart Grocery app and I “checked in” to let them know I was on the way. I followed the signs as I got to the store, and as I pulled in a young lady literally was walking out with my groceries.  She verified my ID and then let me know the substitutions that were in my order.  Since it was my first time using the service, she also gave me a cute little goodie bag to try.

I really wanted to share this with you all.





7 thoughts on “Is Walmart Grocery pickup worth using?

  1. I have been hearing about these popping up. Doesn’t Stater Bros do the same thing now as well? Convenience is great with little ones but stuff like this makes me think of the movie Wall-E and everyone became obese from not having to do anything anymore lol. Not that this is the same but I heard Uber delivers food now too. I wish this was around though when my kiddos were smaller.

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  2. Not sure if our Walmart’s in Philadelphia do this, but our grocery store (ShopRite, Acme & Giant) have been doing this for years AND they deliver to your house!! What ever make things easier!!!

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