To Our Military Members & Their Families: Thank You For Your Service

As I sit here sipping on my coffee, looking out the window thinking about all the wonderful things that 2016 provided my family and I. The birth of our 2nd miracle baby, my Air Force retirement, my family, their health, and their safety. It occurred to me how fortunate I am. My blessings are countless. However, among my greatest blessings is my freedom. This is a blessing to which I owe a great debt of gratitude to our heroes; the men and women of our armed forces. My brothers and sisters in arms!

Comparing our comfort and coziness this holiday season to the dry, dusty, dirty conditions of a deployed location overseas. Don’t forget our military members are not enjoying all the freshly baked cookies and cakes.

Some are still yet to sleep after a 48 hour shift of being on alert just to protect us from any threats.

While we gather together with loved ones at holiday parties, they’re working long hours counting on their brother or sister in arms to have their back.

Take a moment as this year comes to a close and look around at all you have. I know some of you have had ups and downs throughout the year but lets focus on the positives.

Don’t forget to thank a military member and their family for all they do for our freedom!

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