Being a mom is hard.

img_0139Being a mom is hard.

Having a new baby who sleeps during the day and wants to stay awake at night is hard. Having a toddler who is into everything is hard. Having a preschooler who doesn’t care that it was supposed to only be the “terrible two’s” is hard. Dealing with fighting elementary age kids is hard. Having preteens and teens with major hormone changes is hard.  Being a stay at home mom is hard.  Having to shuffle kids with a full time job or two is hard. And for some, not being a mom is even harder.

We all fit into one of those categories and, no matter how good at being a mom you are, it is still hard.  This isn’t about wallowing in self-pity or not being grateful for what you have but rather being okay with admitting that your job is challenging. Being a mom takes work day in and day out and its hard work. The hardest part about my infertility struggle was hearing those “other” moms complaining about their kids and how hard things were. That was tough to hear when I so longed for being a mom. But now I have switched shoes.

Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

It can feel like your world is falling apart one moment when you’re tired and the laundry is piled up and the kids are running circles around you. The boys being boys (all rough and tough) and girls being girls (all moody and whiney). Or how about when your daughter hits your son (for the 3rd time)? Or your teen gives in to peer pressure? Or your toddler peed on the floor (again!)? Or your baby just won’t stop crying?

You feel like a failure mom.  Tough, isn’t it?  The waves of failure in your face.mom-hard

But in the midst of all this hard stuff you are learning. These are new chapters.  Each kid is different.  Each mom is different. Your kids are learning and their little hearts are on display for you to see.

These are not failure moments. They are just the hard moments that need the good mom in you to rise up and meet them. We all have it in us.  It’s our mommy instinct even if you think you don’t have it.

You are a good mom and you are anointed for the task of mothering. The calling, the anointing, is for the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s okay that it’s hard. It’s okay that you don’t have all the answers. It’s okay that there are moments when you feel like you have messed it all up.

You haven’t.

These are the moments, these desperate moments, when you want to hide. Don’t look for that rock to hide yourself under.  Look to hide in the shadow of your Almighty.  Hide yourself under His wings and let Him have all of the pieces of your hard day.

God takes hard, difficult, and trying times and gives you grace and wisdom to know how to rise up and meet them. He takes your weakness and turns it to strength. He shines a light on the hearts of your children in hopes that we will run to Him for the answers, for the strength to carry on.

So, take a deep breath and don’t listen to the lies of the enemy when this mothering job is hard. Just run to your great God and listen for His “I got you girl, chin up.”

Give it to God.


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