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The fashion style of a 22-year veteran


The fashion style of a 22-year veteran.

I retired from the Air Force earlier this year (April 2016). The one thing that I did not plan on doing after retirement was starting another job.  I happen to land a pretty decent gig, that I couldn’t pass up.  Why not start another retirement right?

Well to say the least, it has been quite a challenge for me deciding what to wear to my new job. Dress to impress they say. I’ve been wearing the same uniform and combat boots for the last 2 decades. Not once did I think about new business attire.

Where could I possibly start you say?

I knew I couldn’t walk in to a “business casual” environment wearing shoes that looked like my combat boots (as much as I wanted to).  Thankfully I had a good friend refer me to a really great pair of shoes that were sporty like to help me transition. Anne Klein!  Ever heard of her? She made these adorable sport wedges that my friend Bertha of Chic in Academia referred me to.  I had no idea who Anne Klein was, but she made fantastic shoes! She was an American fashion designer, that founded her own women’s sportswear and apparel label.  I fell in love!  They were so comfortable.  I didn’t feel like I was wearing heels at all.


Sounded easy right?  It gets easier.

Now that I was able to narrow down my footwear, I moved onto my attire.  Most people do it the other way around…start with the clothing then finish with shoes to match.  Well I had nothing to start with, so I wanted comfort first and foremost.

I’m a fairly tall woman (5’10”) with big hips and a big booty. I’ve always been very limited on certain pieces of clothing that I can buy that fits me properly. Mainly for the length.  Shirts and pants are typically too short for my body type.  The majority of my life, I’ve shopped for my civilian clothes at places like Gap or Old Navy. They have “tall sizes” which makes it easier for me.

One day I googled “tall clothing for woman” and a store called ‘New York & Company’ came up in my search.  So I thought I’d give them a try.  I visited their website first and saw that they kept a very casual business style of clothing which would work well with my new civilian job. I fell in love again!!! To top it off…they even offered a 15% military discount to Active, Guard, Reserve and Retirees!!!! So nice!!

Now to put the outfits all together. 

Working 4 days a week seemed easy.  Until I got to my 4th week.  I was afraid to duplicate an outfit I already had worn.  So what else could I do?  I know…go buy more clothing!!  To date I have probably spent about $2,000 on clothing just from this store.  I am very happy with what I’ve purchased.  They are not expensive I just bought a lot. They have sales constantly, and the military discount helps significantly.img_8779

The pain involved.

Now mind you wearing heels to a new job that was 4 days a week, 10 hour days was a shock to my body.  The arches of my feet have been cramping almost every night. My husband found this to be quite humorous.  Have you ever had one of those cramps?  Oh my gosh…so much pain!!  Rips you out of your sleep. I figured I’ll get used to them eventually.  It’s been 12 weeks and I am still cramping here and there.  But they are amazing shoes to wear.  They don’t hurt me at all during the day.

Outfit of the day pictures (#ootd).

img_8787 fullsizerender img_8858 img_8835

My blog is still fairly new, so I thought I would start an “outfit of the day” post, to show everyone my outfits.  I’ve taken a few thus far and wanted to share them with you all. Feedback is appreciated.  I don’t want to develop an “old lady” style since I’m retired.  Trying to keep it young.

For those of you getting ready to retire and moving onto another job, I highly recommend New York & Company and Anne Klein.  Don’t be scared once you get out, it’s the greatest feeling.

Please check out my Instagram and my Facebook page for those outfit of the day posts (#ootd).



I am not affiliated with New York & Company or Anne Klein.  These opinions are my own.


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